Story Time: Meeting 5SOS!



You might remember my last story. The one where I said I meet Justin Bieber, but I didn’t. Yeah well here’s another one. Except I did meet them, all of the members of 5sos.

I don’t even remember the day but it was the day before the 1D concert in Atlanta. This guy on twitter was “giving out” tickets? Or setting up girls to go have dinner with them. So he had us all over Lenox Mall looking for him to sign up for this because who the hell wouldn’t want to have dinner with Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin?!

After stalking the guy, who shall remain nameless, we found him and he wrote our names down, we waited, and waited. Eventually we got tired of waiting. We (me, and my two sisters) decided we would find the guys on our own.

We knew they were staying in Buckhead and because this guy was promoting a dinner with them at Lenox we thought the restaurant had to also be in Buckhead.

We went to EVERY fancy restaurant around. (If you’ve been to Buckhead there’s a whole lot of fancy restaurants.)

After hours of stalking, reloading twitter, asking people we decided to give up after one last stop to Maggiano’s. We parked in the back and walked toward the main entrance of the restaurant.

“I SEE RED HAIR,” my young sister screams. I scream along with her, and we walk inside. We can actually see them sitting at their table from the main entrance. We asked for a table but turns out the restaurant had just closed. we needed to find our chill so we headed to the restroom. After about five minutes in there, I stepped out first, only to see Michael Clifford making his way into the men’s restroom.

So what do you do when you see Michael Clifford literally IN FRONT of you? You just on him and hug him because that’s what everyone else would do. His body guard was super chill about it too.

Since he was in the restroom the rest of the boys were making their way out, and I followed him, leaving my sisters behind. I introduced myself, and we talked and all hugged. Luke asked how my dinner was and I happened to say, “We didn’t actually have dinner here, we were trying to find you guys all over Buckhead.” (I probably should have thought out my answer.

We took pictures. While Michael was in the restroom. (That’s why he’s not in the first photo.) But then Michael and I took a selfie. A really bad one because it was dark. (But who cares? His face was extremely close to mine.

They are all beautiful, tall human beings. (emphasizes on the tall. Ad you can see b the picture. I’m only 5’1.) And I absolutely love all of them. I still think I might have a chance at marrying Luke Hemmings, but maybe not. Luke if you see this, I’m now 18, please hmu. Also if you see this hmu for a redo on a picture, I think I need a better quality one.


Daily Blogging: Athens

Today I went to Athens. I had to take my placement tests. I think they went well.

I drove 1 hour and 10 minutes there. BY MYSELF. Do you know how boring that is? I had no one to talk to and the radio wasn’t working. I swear I almost started talking to myself. Then it took me almost an hour and a half to drive back because I had to find a gas station, and there was a little bit of traffic.

After my exams I “explored” Athens a little bit. I also forgot where I parked when I was trying to leave so I couldn’t find my car for a while.

But I am in love with Athens. Walking around, looking at all the shops is awesome. (I also got stopped for a “netflix and chill interview. I wonder whst thkse people are going to do woth thst) Ialso applied for a job and I’m looking at and hopefully calling three other places in the near future.

I am so excited to live there in the fall and going today made me even more excited for college.

Ps. If anyone from Athens sees this and has the hook up with a job hmu. Please and thank you.

Daily Blogging: What “ADULTING” is really like ..

I’ve waited 18 years to be 18. I’m finally 18.

I dreamed of the day I’d be “free” from my parents telling me what to do, and when I could go out when ever I wanted with out asking for anyone’s permission.

Truth is my mom stopped being strict when I turned 16. I don’t get to do everything I want because she does set limits, but I’ve had so much freedom for awhile that once I turned 18 nothing felt different.

When I was way younger I swore that by the time I was 18, I’d have my own apartment. But with what money? I was pretty sure that by now I’d have a good job I’d like. But I don’t. I don’t even know what I like, so I wouldn’t know what job I’d enjoy doing. I was also pretty sure I’d be traveling the world right now, but again I didn’t think about how I’d get the money to do that. I was sure I would have already traveled across the U.S, but I haven’t.

Adulting? Adult life? I don’t even know what that is because I don’t pay bills, or rent or anything. I pay for my own gas, and oil changes, and pay my phone bill some times but that’s about it.

I’ve been working 45 hours a week so I don’t have time to travel anywhere. Besides the fact that I am the worst person at saving for a rainy day, I can’t save enough money to book a flight, or a hotel so traveling probably won’t happen.

Adulting, well the adulting I’m doing (working) is hard. I use to see my friends everyday. But when ever we try to meet up now, everyone is adulting. Everyone has their own job now. So when ever I’m not working they are.

Adulting= No friends, and working all the time.

Daily Blogging: Blind Driving

Okay so this morning I woke up late, as usual. But I was late to my eye doctors appointment, so I didn’t care. This was the second time my mom has rescheduled, so I couldn’t miss it, again.

I got there at 9:56am. I knew my appointment was at 9:30am but I wrote down 10. So I “thought” I was early. But then they informed me I was almost half an hour late. lololol, I knew that.

I didn’t want them to dilate my eyes. If you go to the eye doctor you know they use some eye drops that sting, and make you want to cry to dilate your eyes. These eye drops make your eyes sensitive to the light and pretty much blind you.

I had two options: Dilate my eyes with the eye drops, or pay $20 and use pictures that don’t make me blind. Because I did drive myself and had to drive to work right after I though about pay $20 but then realized I didn’t want to be broke so I went for the eye drops.

Yes, I pretty much drove home blind. Once I got into my car and started driving I thought I was fine. My eyes didn’t hurt because I was using shades, and I could see my lane, the street lights, and the car in front of me. So I was perfectly fine. Until about half way home my vision was blurred. I don’t actually know how I made it home.

But I almost cried. My eyes started watering because they were being sensitive to the light. So I was squinting. The ac didn’t make it any better.

But I made it home alive, and to work. About an hour into work I got back my 20/20 vision and I can see great now.

I keep telling my mom I don’t need glasses, but every year she schedules an appointment.

Lesson learned: Don’t drive with blurred vision.

Daily Blogging: Concerts

Today I am at work (as usual). I was thinking that I haven’t been to a concert in a long time. Maybe it’s because I’m broke or maybe it’s because instead of buying tickets to see Drake in August, I paid my commitment fee. (#justadultthings) No but seriously I miss going to concerts. Last year I literally went to a different concert every month. (Maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the point.

The rush, the vibes, the sounds, the people, the memories made, CONCERTS ARE LITERALLY LIFE. I guess I miss going and hearing the extremely loud music and seeing everyone around me super hype.

Because of this I’ve made a list of artist I’ve seen/ want to see and that you MUST see as well, because their concert was just amazeballs.

  1. Drake vs. Wayne (BEST CONCERT I’VE EVER BEEN TO)
  3. One Direction
  4. 5SOS (Love them so much, & I also met them but that’s a story for a different day)
  5. All Time Low

  1. J Cole (Need to see him before I die)
  2. Nicki Minaj (want to see bc MOM)
  3. Justin Bieber (want to see & touch his hair)
  4. Romeo Santos (Been in love with him since I was like 13
  5. Future (Need to see before I die, or in August w/ Drake if anyone wants to spot me w/ ticket money)
  6. Eminem (who no longer does concerts but I wish I could see him)


Story Time: Meeting Justin Bieber

Meeting JB? Nah, more like stalking JB. Okay so misleading titles, my bad. But it’s a good story. I almost met him. I saw him on his tour bus, he just wouldn’t get out. He actually slept on his tour bus that night.

I remember it like it was yesterday. But it was actually April 12th, and 13th.

If you live in Atlanta, you know those were the days he was performing at Phillips arena. I was in school those days with no money to afford his ridiculously expensive tickets. But damn, I wanted to go.

I found the hotel he was staying at. (Four Seasons, just in case you were curious) I went to the hotel and stayed in the parking lot until like 2 am, we did walk around the hotel for about an hour then someone asked us and all the other girls there to leave. I would have stayed all night but my mom would have murdered me. April 12th was when we saw his tour bus pull in and we all thought we would see him walk out of it. That’s all I wanted— to see Justin Bieber walk out of his tour bus and maybe touch his hair. But no. Justin decided to sleep on the tour bus instead of walking out and walking upstairs to his hotel room. But before he closed the blinds and while people continued to go back and forth to him taking him a change of clothes and opening the bus door, I saw him. But Justin, I hope the bus was comfy that night.

April 13th we decided to try again but this time after school, not in the middle of the night.

We drive to the Four Seasons Hotel, and sat outside. We met some pretty cool girls there and we all sang his songs together. The hotel employees sat there and watched us but wouldn’t tell us whether or not Justin was still in there and whether or not he would walk out.

We all looked up and saw a guy in the window, on a very high floor, looking out of the balcony. We thought it was him so we sang louder, and louder.

It was fun but god, I wasted about 5 hours of my life there. I left.

Then I check twitter to see a photo of two out the girls that I was hang out with, with Justin Bieber.

If only I had waited waaaaaay longer, I would have also been in the picture.

Lesson learned: Listen to your mom and don’t stalk celebrities.