Story Time: Meeting 5SOS!



You might remember my last story. The one where I said I meet Justin Bieber, but I didn’t. Yeah well here’s another one. Except I did meet them, all of the members of 5sos.

I don’t even remember the day but it was the day before the 1D concert in Atlanta. This guy on twitter was “giving out” tickets? Or setting up girls to go have dinner with them. So he had us all over Lenox Mall looking for him to sign up for this because who the hell wouldn’t want to have dinner with Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin?!

After stalking the guy, who shall remain nameless, we found him and he wrote our names down, we waited, and waited. Eventually we got tired of waiting. We (me, and my two sisters) decided we would find the guys on our own.

We knew they were staying in Buckhead and because this guy was promoting a dinner with them at Lenox we thought the restaurant had to also be in Buckhead.

We went to EVERY fancy restaurant around. (If you’ve been to Buckhead there’s a whole lot of fancy restaurants.)

After hours of stalking, reloading twitter, asking people we decided to give up after one last stop to Maggiano’s. We parked in the back and walked toward the main entrance of the restaurant.

“I SEE RED HAIR,” my young sister screams. I scream along with her, and we walk inside. We can actually see them sitting at their table from the main entrance. We asked for a table but turns out the restaurant had just closed. we needed to find our chill so we headed to the restroom. After about five minutes in there, I stepped out first, only to see Michael Clifford making his way into the men’s restroom.

So what do you do when you see Michael Clifford literally IN FRONT of you? You just on him and hug him because that’s what everyone else would do. His body guard was super chill about it too.

Since he was in the restroom the rest of the boys were making their way out, and I followed him, leaving my sisters behind. I introduced myself, and we talked and all hugged. Luke asked how my dinner was and I happened to say, “We didn’t actually have dinner here, we were trying to find you guys all over Buckhead.” (I probably should have thought out my answer.

We took pictures. While Michael was in the restroom. (That’s why he’s not in the first photo.) But then Michael and I took a selfie. A really bad one because it was dark. (But who cares? His face was extremely close to mine.

They are all beautiful, tall human beings. (emphasizes on the tall. Ad you can see b the picture. I’m only 5’1.) And I absolutely love all of them. I still think I might have a chance at marrying Luke Hemmings, but maybe not. Luke if you see this, I’m now 18, please hmu. Also if you see this hmu for a redo on a picture, I think I need a better quality one.


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