Daily Blogging: Blind Driving

Okay so this morning I woke up late, as usual. But I was late to my eye doctors appointment, so I didn’t care. This was the second time my mom has rescheduled, so I couldn’t miss it, again.

I got there at 9:56am. I knew my appointment was at 9:30am but I wrote down 10. So I “thought” I was early. But then they informed me I was almost half an hour late. lololol, I knew that.

I didn’t want them to dilate my eyes. If you go to the eye doctor you know they use some eye drops that sting, and make you want to cry to dilate your eyes. These eye drops make your eyes sensitive to the light and pretty much blind you.

I had two options: Dilate my eyes with the eye drops, or pay $20 and use pictures that don’t make me blind. Because I did drive myself and had to drive to work right after I though about pay $20 but then realized I didn’t want to be broke so I went for the eye drops.

Yes, I pretty much drove home blind. Once I got into my car and started driving I thought I was fine. My eyes didn’t hurt because I was using shades, and I could see my lane, the street lights, and the car in front of me. So I was perfectly fine. Until about half way home my vision was blurred. I don’t actually know how I made it home.

But I almost cried. My eyes started watering because they were being sensitive to the light. So I was squinting. The ac didn’t make it any better.

But I made it home alive, and to work. About an hour into work I got back my 20/20 vision and I can see great now.

I keep telling my mom I don’t need glasses, but every year she schedules an appointment.

Lesson learned: Don’t drive with blurred vision.


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