Story Time: Meeting Justin Bieber

Meeting JB? Nah, more like stalking JB. Okay so misleading titles, my bad. But it’s a good story. I almost met him. I saw him on his tour bus, he just wouldn’t get out. He actually slept on his tour bus that night.

I remember it like it was yesterday. But it was actually April 12th, and 13th.

If you live in Atlanta, you know those were the days he was performing at Phillips arena. I was in school those days with no money to afford his ridiculously expensive tickets. But damn, I wanted to go.

I found the hotel he was staying at. (Four Seasons, just in case you were curious) I went to the hotel and stayed in the parking lot until like 2 am, we did walk around the hotel for about an hour then someone asked us and all the other girls there to leave. I would have stayed all night but my mom would have murdered me. April 12th was when we saw his tour bus pull in and we all thought we would see him walk out of it. That’s all I wanted— to see Justin Bieber walk out of his tour bus and maybe touch his hair. But no. Justin decided to sleep on the tour bus instead of walking out and walking upstairs to his hotel room. But before he closed the blinds and while people continued to go back and forth to him taking him a change of clothes and opening the bus door, I saw him. But Justin, I hope the bus was comfy that night.

April 13th we decided to try again but this time after school, not in the middle of the night.

We drive to the Four Seasons Hotel, and sat outside. We met some pretty cool girls there and we all sang his songs together. The hotel employees sat there and watched us but wouldn’t tell us whether or not Justin was still in there and whether or not he would walk out.

We all looked up and saw a guy in the window, on a very high floor, looking out of the balcony. We thought it was him so we sang louder, and louder.

It was fun but god, I wasted about 5 hours of my life there. I left.

Then I check twitter to see a photo of two out the girls that I was hang out with, with Justin Bieber.

If only I had waited waaaaaay longer, I would have also been in the picture.

Lesson learned: Listen to your mom and don’t stalk celebrities.



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