Daily Blogging: In Need Of Advice

What do you do when your older sister decides to be a bitch and “hang out” (meaning go out to hookah bars and be best friends) with your ex boyfriend?

I honestly doesn’t bother me that she hangs out with him. (At leas I think it doesn’t.) I’m bothered by the fact that she said it’s none of my business who she hangs out with and didn’t bother to give me a heads up. I think I at least deserved that. Right? Or am I being extra dramatic? (being menstrual doesn’t help either)

I mean, who the hell wants to get told that their older sister was seen hanging out with their ex? I’d imagine no one. But that could just be me.

I wonder how Kylie feels that her family still hangs with Tyga. Like come on. It’s girl code, sister code, right? (That should be a thing if it’s not.) Once you break up with some it’s for an obvious reason. (Maybe the reason being that he’s an ass holes) It’s not to still have them around. And once it’s over all ties should be cut. (Right?) Hiding it, is lying, which obviously means she didn’t have the balls to tell me. If she didn’t think that hanging out with him was wrong of her (which it is) she would have mentioned it.

So what do you do? Confront your bitch ass sister? Well I tried that. And she simply said it wasn’t my business but then tried to explain how “she doesn’t really hang out with him, and they happened to “have” some classes together and share text books.” But what ever right? If it’s not my business why bother trying to explain and make yourself look better. (You’re still a bitch.)

I currently am not friends with my sister. But I’m not even mad. I kind of don’t care, but then again it kind of bothers me that she’s being a butt. But if anyone sees this, tell me am I being a drama queen?


2 thoughts on “Daily Blogging: In Need Of Advice

  1. loverrbutt says:

    If this was my sister, I would flip out. It is just common sense, you do not hang out with your sisters’ ex? Look at it this way, how would your sister feel if you were hanging out with her ex? I do not think she would be too fond of it. I think something is not right with that.

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