Daily Blogging: 18 Things To Do At 18

I’m at work, like usual. And because I am now 18, I obviously have the freedom to do a lot more things than I use to be able to do at 17. While being extremely bored at work, and having nothing better to do, I have come up with a list of 18 things I (and us 18 year olds can now do.)

  1. Get a tattoo. (I’m deciding what to get. I would recommend not getting your bf/gf’s name or their face any where on your body.)
  2. Buy a lottery ticket
  3. Vote for President (#Kanye2020)
  4. Lease an apartment (ya know, if at 18 you have money like that)
  5. Open a bank account (Instead of having a student account under your parents)
  6. Get married (WITHOUT your parents permission)
  7. Buy fireworks (I was 16 and tried to buy sparklers at Walmart w/o knowing I had to be 18 and the lady wouldn’t sell them to me ;(…)
  8. Get a credit card
  9. Get a piercing (I’m think about getting one)
  10. Buy a car (Again, if you have that kind of money at 18, cause I sure don’t)
  11. Drink in most parts of Europe
  12. Book a hotel room
  13. Buy a house
  14. Be an entrepreneur (You can now get a business license)
  15. Explore night life (ie. go to clubs, or hookah bars)
  16. Buy a hookah pen
  17. Got to a casino and gamble
  18. Get a full time job

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