Daily Blogging: MY 18TH BIRTHDAY

My birthday was actually yesterday. (June 2nd) Yes, this was the day my mother gave birth to me 18 years ago. It was a Tuesday in 1998.

Yesterday, I thought I wasn’t going to do anything. I even lied to my friends and told them I was going out of town. Why you might ask? Well when all your friends tell you they’re busy working, which is understandable, it’s kind of annoying. But when your “friend” tells you that since you planned all your other friends birthday’s and you should just go ahead and plan your own and they just show up, it’s extremely annoying. But what ever right?

Well I woke up extra early and went for a 4 mile run. Well, walk/ jog. I came back and laid around for about half an hour, all sweaty and stuff. (GROSS!) And then I hear my dog barking which means some one is at the door. Then I hear multiple people yell “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” My two friends walked in holding a hamburger shaped cake (picture in my last post), balloons, and a frame with picture of Omar. (My Italian boyfriend, who doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend.)

They told me we were on our way to Six Flags, sang happy birthday, and we didn’t go to Six Flags. 1.) It rained 2.) We’re all kind of broke (haha!) 3.) I was all gross from my jog earlier.

We instead did what all 18 year old do, (Fun fact: I’m the youngest in my friend group and therefore the last one to turn 18.) we went to eat at Mellow Mushroom. (My favorite pizza place.) And then went to Harrison’s house and watched a movie, ate snacks, and played board games.

Later on we decided to act like real adults, and do adult things. So like all adults we went to a hookah bar for the first time. They of course I.D’d us. (maybe because we all look 14 but there were other 17 year olds who weren’t I.D’d but that’s not my problem.) We sat on the floor over pillows and had our little table. Then we ordered Blue Mist, Apple, and Watermelon flavored hookah. Blue Mist was my favorite.

We stayed there till about midnight, because we’re adults, ya know. But after the party was over. It was kind of “lame.” But I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, because I got to spend it with some cool people, and I got lots of presents so that’s nice.



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