Daily Blogging: Work

I am officially an adult, working at a full time job. (This week my schedule has 42 hours) Today is Memorial Day and I probably should have gone to the lake or the beach or anywhere else with my family but no I’m doing a 10-8pm shift. So I’m stuck here all day. I just want to talk about how pissed I am at my job though. Let me tell you a story.

I came in at 9:56 am to be exact and I read a sign that stated “Clean blah blah clean blah.” I had to clean but being my first day a this location I was a bit confused about what I had to do. So I asked. And I cleaned TWO freaking aisles, wiped down all the freaking cooler doors, and freaking fronted EVERYTHING. (I work at a check cashing place inside of a gas station and that’s just what you do here.)

Maybe an hour later the boss walks in and asks, “What are you doing sitting down?” She only asked because the two birches up at the cash register mentioned me. (I don’t like them as of today.)

I tried to explain that I had just finished doing all of that but I don’t think she understood. So again I had to walk around and front everything again. And I just really don’t understand why the stupid cashiers can’t get out of there and do anything. Oh wait she mentioned that the store side is “BUSY.” Uhm, NO IT’S NOT.

At this point I just want to go home. Time to also look for another job because f**** these people. Plus I’ve been working here for two years; I think it’s time for a change.


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