This is actually after graduation but graduation wasn’t as dramatic and emotional as I expected. I actually don’t have pictures with my friends after graduation but whatever right. So during it. I’ll never forget it. Maybe because it rained almost the entire time and our graduation was outside! Or maybe because the valedictorian sang her speech, or maybe because the other class reps dedicated their speech the the wildcats we recently lost. Or maybe it’s because those pictures will be on my instagram forever.  Regardless of which the particular reasoning is, I just know I’ll never forget it. After graduation was the seniors last blast. That’s where this picture is from. In case you have no idea what that is, we were locked inside an arcade place all night. I stayed up till 5 am bowling, dancing, and playing games with my friends. What better way to say good bye? It’s been like 3 days since graduation and we all still talk. Maybe because it’s only been 3 days but to be completely honest I’m kind of scared of what will happen next. We’re all going to different colleges, and moving away. But I prefer not to think about that too much. Ending this school year with my bffs was amazing. So thanks guys.


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