Daily Blogging: #Occupy Dunwoody

I literally had no time yesterday to update this yesterday. But yesterday was the best, most eventful day of my life! I started by waking up at 5:15. My alarm was set for 5 but that didn’t happen. You might be wondering why the hell I was up at that time. Well you see it was our senior “prank.” I wouldn’t call it much of a prank but it sure as hell was fun. We called it “Occupy Dunwoody.” This involved tents, blankets, food, lots of it, and music. After the prank, I decided to cut my hair, it is now shoulder length and I absolutely love it. After cutting my hair I had to come home to clean up and get ready for a Braves game. Let me tell you that I am not a sports fan but this was the best game ever. What’s better than eating burgers and fries and taking 300 pictures on a galaxy 7s? NOTHING. Let me tell you that that phone has the best camera quality ever, unfortunately it’s not mine. I ended up getting home at about midnight. This might not sound eventful to you but it was a good time spent with good people. Now today uh, graduation practice in the sun was no phone, but getting food and hanging out with friends afterwards was awesome! I also might have accidentally hit a car so it’s not ending on a good note but graduation is tomorrow so tomorrow will be a better day.


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