Watching David Tutera at the age of 12 inspired me to want to pursue being a wedding planner. This lead to large amounts of research about venues, wedding and bridesmaid dresses, and what the actual process of being a wedding planner was. But I realized it was too complicated and you actually need connections.

Watching the first Fast and Furious movie inspired me to want to do street races, except I found out it was illegal and I wasn’t near the age of driving yet, nor did I own a car. So scratch that idea.

Watching Cupcake Wars, and the idea of being a better baker than my older sister inspired me to learn how to bake and decorate cakes, and cupcakes. I’m no where near as good as my older sister yet but that’s simply because she has years of practice on me.

Watching Stuck in Love inspired me to want to fall in love. Except I don’t think that makes sense. I learned you can’t look for love or decide who you fall in love with, it just sort of comes to you.

Hearing my sister talk about taking road trips with her closest friends inspired me to want to do the same. Except it’s way too many hours sitting in a car.

Tumblr posts about decorating your room and making them “tumblr” enough inspired me to change how my room looked.

The point was just to say that I’m inspired by many things, possibly everything in some kind of way, but I realized that the inspiration can help you start something but you actually have to set your mind to do it and make it a reality.


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