Daily Blogging

It’s currently 9:28 am as I begin to write this. I am at work. Yes, I’m use to working, I have been since I was 15 but whatever, I don’t like it, but it’s what you do when you’re an “adult” and need money. At work I tend to do nothing but use Snapchat, and Instagram. Which as of right now I’ve used both, multiple times to the point where I’m checking every 2 minutes to see if someone has updated something but they haven’t. Someone tell me how to make work fun when you’re alone, and have to work a double shift.

So far I work up, got ready for work, and got to work, 8 minutes early, if that means anything. My boss told me the store opens at 9. He lied. The sign, which I had never bothered looking at clearly says 10 am-9 pm. But it’s fine, an extra hour, an extra dollar. Mornings are never eventful. Besides getting Starbucks, which by the way I’m very disappointed with, nothing much has happened. I’m counting down the days till graduation. FIVE freaking days left.


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