Life of a high school grad

I haven’t actually graduated yet, but I will in exactly 6 days. SIX freaking days and I’m officially done with high school, FOREVER. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 12 years. It’s crazy to think that today was my last day in high school, the last day walking down the halls as a senior with my friends checking out guys, the last day having to sit in the hot cafeteria, the last day doing work.

Every summer I’ve had summer work that I have to turn in, in August, but this summer I don’t. Besides working and getting ready for college, I have no homework, and nothing to pretend to look forward to on Monday morning. I won’t wake up at 6:30 every morning to go to first period British Literature, and I won’t have to rush to school to make sure I get a good parking spot.

It hit me that high school is over. None of it really matters anymore. Yes, some of the friendships I’ve made in the last four years mean everything to me and I hope they last forever. But whether I was “super popular” or not in high school doesn’t matter anymore.

I now have to chance to reinvent myself and change everything about me, if I want. Which I won’t do but I know the option is there if I want it.

Don’t rush your senior year, soak everything in, and make the most of it. Before you realize it you’ll be taking your last final, saying bye to your friends one last time, and walking down those high school hallways as a senior for the last time.


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